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Editing &
Document Formatting

Cindy Prinz
Depending on the type of document, the condition it's in, as well as your specific requirements, EditWise can provide the following services:

Correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and make minor wording changes for proper usage and clarity, as well as check formatting for consistency. Cross-check citations and endnotes and that tables and illustrations agree with text. Where the writing is confusing or redundant, make suggestions for correction. Ensure document adheres to selected style (e.g., Chicago, APA, in-house).

Substantive Editing
In addition to the corrections listed above, correct for excessive wordiness, redundancy, paragraph order and flow, consistency of facts and statements, and overall organization. For user manuals and product documentation, test procedures and descriptions against product for accuracy, completeness, and usability.

Document Formatting
​Formatting is an integral part of written communication. Text that is visually unappealing and poorly organized will not hold its readers. EditWise can set up styles in MS Word for consistency of formatting and in accordance with established guidelines for your document; format your manuscript for submission or for publishing yourself, including print-on-demand and e-books; and review your website for content, ease of use, and navigability. 

EditWise can coordinate production of your publication with printers and graphic designers/artists (for covers). EditWise can also help you publish electronically to EPUB and Kindle™ platforms.

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